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Isaiah Outlines

Outlines of Isaiah

Many recognize a 7-fold structure to the book of Isaiah. Here are a few examples:


(7 rounds on transformation of Zion)

  1. Judgment and transformation of Zion (1:1-2:5)
  2. Judgement and transformation of Zion (2:6-4:6)
  3. Judgment of vineyard and Immanuel (5:1-12)
  4. Oracles concerning nations [hope by finding refuge in Zion](13-27)
  5. Trust nations vs. trust word of YHWH (28-37) 
  6. Salvation w/new covenant (38-55)
  7. Salvation w/ new covenant (56-66)

From Peter J. Gentry, "Lecture on 'Isaiah and Biblical Theology,'" The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, July 2016.



Trust in Yahweh

a. Introductory messages (1:1-12:6)

   b. oracles to nations (13:1-27:13)

      c. collection of woes: Don't trust earthly powers (28:1-35:10)

         d. CENTER: historical narrative [Yahweh supreme] (36:1-39:8)

      c'. Yahweh's supremacy over idols: don't trust false gods (40:1-48:22)

   b'. servant songs: exaltation of humble servant (49:1-54:17)

a'. concluding messages (55:1-66:24)

From David A. Dorsey, The Literary Structure of the Old Testament (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 1999), 234.