Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30AM!

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Preparing for the Lord's Day- Ecclesiastes 3:16-22; 6:1-12

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McCarthy Family,

This Lord's Day we will continue our exposition of Ecclesiastes, looking at 3:16-22 and 6:1-12. These parallel passages instruct us on how to live in a world of injustice and unfairness. May the Lord visit us once again as we gather in worship.

In Christ,

Jeremiah and Tyler


"It Just Ain't Fair:

The World's Moral Problems and How to Enjoy Life Despite Them" 

Part 1: The Problem of Injustice

Ecclesiastes 3:16-22; 6:1-12


I. The W_________ is full of injustice and unfairness (3:16; 6:1-9).



II. The W___________ of sin is death (3:18-22; 6:10-12).



III. The W__________ for God's justice will end (3:17)


Here are songs we will be singing together!


O Worship the King



Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor

Cling to Christ