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Preparing for the Lord's Day- Isaiah 11

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McCarthy Family,
I hope that as you are preparing for Christmas you are spending time in the Word during this Advent season! It is easy to say wait until January 1 to start fresh, and while that is a good thing, do not neglect your time now. This is a good time to reread the Christmas story and remind ourselves of the great miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ, foretold in the Old Testament hundreds of years before his birth actually took place!
One such passage is from Isaiah 11, where Pastor Jeremiah will be preaching from this Sunday. What will we learn not only about the future king Jesus Christ, but also the future kingdom and futre people?
We hope you will join us either in person or on live stream for worship at 10:30AM this Sunday!
In Christ,
Pastor Tyler

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God Instructs Us Through His Word

"The Shoot from Jesse's Stump"
Isaiah 11:1-16
I. God's future king will be a new D_____________, filled with the Spirit of Yahweh (Isaiah 11:1-5).
II. God's future kingdom will be a W_____________ at peace/rest through the knowledge of Yahweh in Messiah (Isaiah 11:6-10).
III. God's future people will be a restored, reunited I____________ that includes the nations in Abraham's blessing (Isaiah 11:11-16).
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