Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30AM!

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Preparing for the Lord's Day- Ruth 1

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This Sunday, join us for worship as we start a new series into the Book of Ruth! Please take the time to read ahead by reading the whole book! It is only four chapters long and can be read in ten minutes. Pastor Jeremiah will be preaching this Sunday on Chapter 1.


Pastor Tyler

Here is our order of service!

Welcome & Announcements

October 11 Bulletin

Call to Worship

Responsive Reading

New City Catechism Questions 40 & 41

 Assurance of Pardon

Time of Thanksgiving

God Instructs Us Through His Word

Providence, Loyal Love, and Grace in Loss

Ruth 1

In your loss, you must rightly...

I. R_______________ and R________________ to God's providence.

II. R_________________ to others in loyal love.

III. R________________ upon God's grace.

Invitation & Benediction