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Cling to Christ- May 2020 Song of the Month


This month, we will begin studying the book of Ecclesiastes. One of the key words found in the book is the word "hevel." That word is Hebrew for "futile, or meaningless." We learn that life without Christ is truly meaningless. We are called to cling to him in times of trial, tribulation, and in the good times in life, regardless of our season in life!

Our works will not bring us closer to Christ. Boasting of the deeds we have done will not bring us closer to his kingdom. Only in the work of Jesus Christ can we come closer to God! 

Father, I can come to You
And boast of deeds I’ve done
In my pride I strive to earn
The favor Christ has won
He alone pleads my acceptance
All my works aside
So I come with empty hands
And I cling to Christ

Father, I can go astray
And battle needless fears
Voices tell me I’m condemned
And that I can’t draw near
But Your Spirit calls me homeward
With Your words of life
Jesus bore my every sin
So, I cling to Christ

It’s more than I can do
To keep my hold on You
But all my hope and peace
Is that You cling to me

Father, all my earthly aims
In time will turn to dust
Let me learn that loss is gain
For those who know Your love
All the treasures of this world
Will never satisfy
You alone are endless joy
So, I cling to Christ