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The Wonderful Work of Wise Words

July 26, 2020 Speaker: Jeremiah Bradford Series: Ecclesiastes

Topic: Life Scripture: Ecclesiastes 12:9–12:14

The Wonderful Work of Wise Words

Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

Solomon's Spirit-inspired words are crafted to motivate each generation of "under-the-sun," curse-tasting, Christ-trusting believers to fear God and look to him for security and satisfaction in this trying, suffering-filled, enigmatic world.

As he conclueds his book in 12:9-14, the Preacher shows us five ways in which his wise words accomplish that wonderful work.

I. By bringing us PLEASURE (12:10)

II. By bringing us PAIN (12:11a)

III. By giving us PERMANENCE (12:11b)

IV. By giving us PERSPECTIVE (12:13)

V. By making us PREPARED (12:14)