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What is a Church?

January 3, 2022 Speaker: Jeremiah Bradford Series: The Church

Topic: The Church Scripture: Matthew 16:13–16:19

7 Truths and Lies About the Church

I. The church is a SUPERNATURAL people.

  • Lie: The church is an organization.

II. The church is a TRUTH people.

  • Lie: The church is about mere human wisdom.

III. The church is a COVENANT people.

  • Lie: The church is a casual relationship.

IV. The church is a WORSHIPPING people.

  • Lie: The church is an entertainment venue.

V. The church is an ACCOUNTABLE people.

  • Lie: The church is made of perfect people who don't need accountability.

VI. The church is an ACTIVE people.

  • Lie: The church is a bunch of specators who depend on paid staff.

VII. The church is a MISSIONAL people.

  • Lie: The church is a means to our own ends.


  1. Why are you a member of McCarthy Baptist Church? If you are not a member, what is keeping you from becoming a member?
  2. Have you bought into any of the lies above? If so, repent and turn to the Lord and His Word for truth on the church!

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